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State Journal: Internet Safety Important for Kids' Summer Fun

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Parents can follow a few steps to help children stay safe online while still allowing them to stay connected to their classmates.

Summer is here, and children are planning how to spend their days of uninterrupted free time by playing, swimming and surfing — on the Internet.

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West Virginia Public Broadcasting: Computer Labs in Volunteer Fire Stations

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Computer labs in volunteer fire department stations

By Beth Vorhees

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Computer Mentors Attend Community Emergency Preparedness Training

Several computer center mentors from around the state recently attended a Johns Hopkins Faculty Development Program Workshop. Fourteen stations were represented by seventeen mentors from across the state. The workshop, entitled “Developing a Community Emergency Preparedness Curriculum” allowed the mentors to work in small groups, broken into training and committee tracks. The separate tracks focused on the content of the emergency preparedness training and forming a local committee to help develop and conduct the training.

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May 13, 2011

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PC World blog about Future Generations WV project

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Computer Centers in West Virginia's Volunteer Fire Stations

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Broadband Adoption Barriers and Impacts: Literature Review

A look at reasons why households choose not to subscribe to broadband, the social and economic implications of adoption and non-adoption, and recommendations for overcoming broadband barriers.


A Literature Review by Emily Carlson: Monitoring & Evaluation Officer for Future Generations West Virginia Broadband Opportunities Program


Christopher Neace

Assistant Fire Chief of the Buffalo Creek Fire Department in Logan County, Christopher Neace, is a West Virginia native who left the state and returned. “West Virginia is home, it is where my family is,” says Neace. He moved to Indiana with his mother at age eight, and it was there that he became interested in being a firefighter. At the age of 15, Neace began his 15-year service as a firefighter while in Indiana in the cadet program.

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Future Generations Graduate School Featured on Broadband USA website


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