Ruth Crowe first learned about being a mentor at the computer center’s open house at the volunteer fire department in East Lynn of Wayne County, WV.

She is now the mentor of this free, high-speed Internet computer center and enjoys helping her community learn new computer skills.

Ruth has been volunteering for years, whether it’s for friends, family, the community, helping out at the local schools, the Navy Reserve, or the fire department.

She began volunteering at the fire department not long after her husband joined, nearly 19 years ago. “I knew I couldn’t fight fires, but I wanted to help,” Ruth said.

Ruth shared a favorite memory from her volunteering at the Navy Reserve while her husband was overseas.

“We had a day for the children to decorate t-shirts to send to our unit. The look on the kids’ and spouses’ faces while we did that was priceless.”

Ruth has enjoyed participating in the Broadband Opportunities Program implemented by Future Generations and credits it with broadening her horizons, in the computer center and in West Virginia.

“I have done more travels in the state of West Virginia in the past year than I have ever done, and I have done most of it on my own.
I think, in the 49 years of my life, this has been the most I have done on my own. If it wasn’t for the Future Generations Program
I wouldn't have experienced it at all.”

Ruth also feels the benefit free, high-speed Internet has had in her community is to expand everyone’s horizons.

“A chance for learning, having broadband, is like experiencing a book; the adventure and intrigue is there to find, and each time is different,” Ruth concluded.