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Chris McCall

Chris McCall began serving the Lewis County Emergency Medical Services (EMS) in 1996 in Weston, where he has been a lifelong resident.

Chris got into EMS work because of his desire to help people who are sick. His brother, who was a firefighter, influenced his decision, as well as television shows like Rescue 911 and CHiPs.

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Broadband Video Contest Winners

Future Generations WV and Frontier are pleased to announce the winners of the Broadband Video Contest. Contestants could enter in one of two categories: college and high/middle school. Each video entry needed to be a 30-second to 60-second video about how broadband has made their lives better and why they can’t live without broadband.

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Huge Crowd Attends Bartow-Frank-Durbin Event

Nearly 200 residents of the three closely-linked communities of Bartow, Frank, and Durbin came out to support their fire department in a fundraising event on April 29.

The event, which raised over $1,000 for the Bartow-Frank-Durbin Fire Department, featured great food and door prizes, along with a cake auction and a 50/50 drawing.

Musician Mike Morningstar provided the music for the day, with his own brand of homespun folk music.

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Mentors Find the Way To Sustain Their Computer Centers

By February 2013, the $4.4 million federal grant to establish computer centers in West Virginia fire departments will come to an end.

Once the money is gone, the fire departments will take ownership of their computer centers and sustain them so that the public can continue to learn skills through the high speed Internet the centers provide.

This was the purpose of a conference held on April 27 at the Holiday Inn Suites in Charleston. The conference was attended by at least one representative from each of the 50 open computer labs around the state.

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Lincoln EMS Opens Computer Center

The Lincoln EMS officially opened their public computer center on April 26 at their location at 1959 McClellan Highway in Ranger, WV. The open house had a great turnout as residents of the community came out to learn more about the free classes offered.

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Computer Center Mentors Prepare for Summer Youth Tech Camps

April 20: Volunteer Fire Department and EMS Computer Center mentors from around the state convened at Stonewall Jackson Resort in Ronoake, W.Va. for a two-day technology training.

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Sharon Bonnett

Sharon Bonnett, the computer center mentor at the Banks District Volunteer Fire Department, resides in the tight-knit community of Rock Cave in Upshur County.

Sharon grew up on a farm near Mill Creek in Randolph County, and was one of 12 children. She learned "true work ethic" on the farm because they worked together as a family.

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Benefit 10: Know Your Roots

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Frontier Partners with FutureWV on Benefits of Broadband Campaign

The Benefits of Broadband campaign is getting a fresh look courtesy of Frontier Communications.

Started in June 2011, the Benefits of Broadband advertising campaign has appeared monthly in newspapers throughout West Virginia to inform communities on the benefits of using their local public computer centers.

Almost a year later, Future Generations has partnered with Frontier Communications, West Virginia's main telecommunications company, to enhance the success program.

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Mentor and Volunteer Poster Contest

Future Generations is sponsoring a poster contest for computer lab mentors and volunteers. Following is detailed information about the contest:

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